Binge Eating Quiz

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Has your relationship with food progressed to a place that you consider unhealthy or obsessive?

Do you tend to spend most of your time thinking about what you ate or what you’re going to eat?

Do you obsessively count calories?

Do you use any diet pills? Or other diet products?

Do you exercise obsessively making note of how many calories you burn?

Is your exercise is aimed at weight control?

Do you ever binge?

Do you feel guilty after a binge?

Have you ever stolen food or stolen/borrowed money to buy food?

Are you dissatisfied with your current size and shape?

Do you have a fear of weight gain?

Are you preoccupied with food or body image?

Do you compare yourself with others?

Do you hide food, so others don’t know you have it?

Do you find it hard to concentrate?

Are you terrified about being overweight?

Do you avoid foods with a high carbohydrate content (rice, pasta, bread)?

Do you feel guilty about eating?

Do you try to avoid sugary foods?

Do you feel that food controls your life?

Do you continue eating when you are full?

Do you eat in secret?

Are you embarrassed by the amount of food you consume?

Do you overeat without purging or vomiting?

Have you dieted many times, but have had the weight come back?

Do you put other’s needs before your own?

Do you eat to the point of significant discomfort more than once in awhile?

When you overeat, are you often alone?

Is food a source of shame?

Do you believe there are “good” foods and “bad” foods?

**This quiz is not a diagnostic tool. Only a doctor or other trained health care professional can diagnose B.E.D.**


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