College professor Christina Fisanick is just finishing a book about her recovery from Binge Eating Disorder (BED). The real problems and real solutions will open your eyes.

“Food was not the problem.”

In excerpts from her new book: “The Optimist Addict: Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder”, due out this fall, Christina Fisanick is a college professor with a secret she is no longer willing to keep.

Her brutal self honesty is refreshing. In this video she reads from the first chapter of her upcoming book.

With only 113 views on YouTube as we go to press we are both happy to have discovered it and shocked it’s not a viral hit already. We aim to change that.

We know you’re busy and we’ve included our usual “cheat sheet” of great quotes from the video but we urge you to take the time, sit for a few minutes and hear Christina out.

Christina Fisanick we salute you.

1:01 : “I was eating mindlessly and compulsively.”

1:10 : “Once I eliminated a bunch of trigger foods, things like all flours, all sugars ….my clear thinking was restored for the first time in a long time.”

2:21 : “I used food as a drug, as someone would use cocaine or alcohol.”

4:40 : “I had been obese since age 11”

6:48 : “Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to make peace with my body.”

6:59 : “I want to love every inch of it.”(my body)

8:01 : “Being fat was not the problem, food was not the problem, lack of self love WAS the problem. compulsive, addictive behavior WAS the problem.”

13:25 : “For those 28 years food was my drug, food saved me from feeling rejected – at least for a little while. Food rescued me from heartbreak and neglect – for a little while –   but like all security blankets… it’s time had come.”

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