tidalwave_0You just want it to stop.

It’s like you are outside of your body looking down on this crazy person ingesting all this food – and fast. And when it’s over all the feelings of guilt and self loathing come rushing in again.

It goes with out saying but I’m going to say it again.

 Do you know the definition of insanity?

Answer: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

I’m not here to beat you up. We all do fine at that all by ourselves. What I am here for, if you’re ready, is to possibly tweak your awareness of the cycle that is binge eating.

There are lots of tricks and tips online about stress reduction, exercise and meal planning and you’ve probably attempted most of them. You’ve dieted, you’ve downward dogged and you’ve read labels and counted calories. But still you find yourself outside and above that person, who was perfectly sane an hour ago, binging on God only knows what.

So let me throw you a little curve ball. One you may not be ready to catch and one you may have to come back to another day and re-read.

“You’re an addict”

You are addicted to flour and sugar.

Now before you run off and swear you’re not and that “addicts” are dirty guys that live under bridges please open your mind to just a few “what if” possibilities. OK? Thanks.

So what if the emerging brain science that says flour and sugar effect the same brain pathways that drugs and alcohol are not only correct but they are UNDER-estimating the POWER of these seemingly innocuous, psychoactive drugs?

What if: your binge was just a way to up your dose of a drug you had been ingesting all day but were unable to really “get enough?”

What if: it was just a way to “unplug” from the worries and stresses of your life, just for a few minutes?

What if: it was a simple coping mechanism you learned as a kid, matured as an adult and now no longer serves you? A coping mechanism you could change. One you were in charge of?

What if: the “delivery system” of the drug was your mouth and your stomach instead of say a needle, a bottle or a pill?

What if: We could show you how to change your coping mechanisms into positive ones that served you now in your life?

branding-awarenessThe first step is awareness.

You have to come to believe that it’s at least possible.

It’s possible that flour and sugar have kicked your butt for long enough and that you are ready, at least for a little while, to concede that a small break from them might be good for you. We will gladly refund your pain and misery if this doesn’t work for you.

See here’s the problem. Most folks want to “cut down.” Think of an alcoholic “cutting down.” It works a little bit – sometimes – but for the most part it’s a disaster. You see ingesting any amount of sugar or flour sets up “cravings.” Don’t ask me how or why you already know it does.

So these cravings just build and build and you’re sitting there binging again.

The crazy part is if you ingest zero flour and zero sugar for a very short period of time the cravings disappear! I mean you just don’t crave the stuff. Now it’s not that easy – as you well know – which in and of itself should be a HUGE clue to us. But if you do get through the original detox phase then it becomes easier and easier.

One huge caveat in this process. You must substitute something, not food wise but “feelings management wise.”

Since you were in the womb, literally, you ave managed your feelings by ingesting flour and sugar. It is a deeply ingrained behavior. You must have a replacement. I always suggest exercise. Exercise not to burn calories or lose weight, although that is a nice side benefit, but exercise to to begin to heal all of the endorphins, serotonin and all of the other “feel good” drugs your body produces normally. It is common knowledge that flour and sugar abusers are in adrenal exhaustion and their serotonin regulation is all out of whack.

Your natural feel goods are just beat to death.

Walking is the easiest and simplest way. If you don’t do some type of exercise this process is doomed to fail. Not because you’re not “burning calories” but because you are not introducing an alternative to managing your feelings that doesn’t include ingesting flour or sugar.

When you feel that binge coming on drink a huge glass of water and walk around the block. No fancy gym needed. Start with chair yoga if you need to. But begin the process of strengthening your positive feelings management techniques so when the going gets tough you have a tool box to use.

This was a very quick outline of a very deep subject. If you want to hear more please leave some comments below. And just for today – please be kind to yourself. There just may be a way of overcoming binge eating.

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