Shame Possibly Linked to Binge Eating Disorder

How to Cope, how to heal.

Diets of all kinds may actually amplify the effects of binge eating.

shameAccording to Amy Pershing, founder of the Pershing Turner Centers, dieting may actually intensify the amount and intensity of binges. “Binges are not always triggered by hunger.”

A lot of times binge eating is about anxiety and self soothing.” And shame.

According to Pershing the food becomes a coping mechanism. We may use food to soothe anxiety or to just cope with the effects of a rough day.



Amy Pershing is one of the nation’s leading experts and pioneers on this issue.

Amy began her career treating eating and body image disorders at the Center for Eating Disorders in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In 1993, she developed “Bodywise™,” a comprehensive treatment program to serve a growing population of clients with binge eating disorder.

In 2008, Pershing and Chevese Turner, CEO and founder of Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA), joined forces to found Pershing Turner Centers, an outpatient eating disorder treatment center, in Annapolis, Maryland.

In this interview with Suzanne Marcus-Fletcher of The Body Politic podcast Amy talks about coping with – and healing from – Binge Eating Disorder:

Suzanne ask the questions we all need the answers to. You can download this to your phone or just listen here:

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