Surviving Thanksgiving – Self Esteem Intact!


It seems almost obligatory that we at

write a post for Thanksgiving. With it being the biggest “food”

holiday of the year, it just seems to cultivate all kinds of feelings

in those of us with food issues.


Whether it’s family issues or just our own food issues, sitting

down to a huge feast is, in and of itself, an issue.


So I took a look at last year’s Thanksgiving post and realized 90% of the folks

who visit us or are on our mailing list have never seen the post.


It’s a solid nuts and bolts survival guide for the day.


Check out the nuts and bolts Thanksgiving survival guide here:


How to Avoid Binge Eating On Thanksgiving: 7 Simple Steps

Thanksgiving Dinner

I’d like to ask you to be kind to yourself this week and on Thursday



Really more than kind — concentrate on just one thing (after you read the 

post above and have the basics covered). That one thing is true self love, 

genuine self kindness.


The kind of love you usually reserve for your children, your siblings, your

parents and your friends. But this week I want you to turn it inward

toward yourself.


This week is a perfect microcosm of the whole year. Floods of family

and friends, a huge shopping day, a preparation for Christmas and the

New Year.


If you can extend kindness to yourself and do your absolute best to feel real,

genuine compassion and true love towards YOU, wherever you are in 

your food journey to wholeness, your life will change for the better.


If you can consciously do that this week, that “love yourself muscle” will 

grow this holiday season and you’ll be ready for the best year of your life 

in 2016.


So one goal: Be kind to (Insert your name here). Kindness, in this context,

is defined very simply. No negative self talk!


I can remember one of my mentors saying to me early on:


“If someone else talked to me, the way I talk to myself, I’d beat the S&%T

out of them.”


That’s all we’re trying to avoid this Thanksgiving.


Sure hot bubble baths, massages and little gifts for ourselves are great, but

the real test of growth is how you communicate with you.


This week, the tone, the words and the intent are going to be gentle.


If we can do it this week we can do it during Christmas and then we can do

it all year.


This task is not an easy one. We’ll have to stop and correct ourselves. After

we give ourselves a small beating, we’ll have to catch ourselves and say, “It’s

OK,” and then say something kind about ourselves immediately.


Very similar to a solid meditation practice where, when your mind wanders,

you bring your focus back to your breath, in this practice when you slip and

berate yourself, just correct and say something kind.


This is not an easy practice as many of you already know.


Everybody wants a food plan(seriously). Everybody wants to know what to

eat and when to eat it and that is a big part of the puzzle. But this practice,

mastering this segment of our recovery, will bear more fruit faster than almost

any other tool.


Happy Thanksgiving


We here at wish you and your family the happiest, most loving

holiday ever!


Be well,



PS: Seriously check out the nuts and bolts Thanksgiving survival guide here:

How to Avoid Binge Eating On Thanksgiving: 7 Simple Steps

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